Welcome to Stanton in Peak Parish

This site is provided by the Parish Council to meet its statutory requirements for transparency and to provide an introduction to our parish.



Geographically the parish sits on two sides of the hill crowned by Stanton Moor and the Nine Ladies Stone Circle (pictured above) and with three distinct population centres takes not of these through the Ward system.

Stanton in Peak is the largest village with five councillors representing its Ward and faces east towards Youlgrave. Stanton Lees and Warren Carr are on the opposite slope facing Darley Dale and each ward supplies one councillor to give a total of seven.

The hamlets of Congreave and Pilhough also lie within the parish on the hillside facing toward Haddon Hall and Bakewell

Stanton Moor

View of Stanton Moor

View of Stanton-in-the-Peak

View of Haddon Hall and Bakewell