Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is not a council meeting. It is a meeting of the Parish electors. Strictly speaking electors can set the agenda, and in practice these meetings often celebrate local activities and debate current issues in the community. Councillors therefore find it useful to be present.

The Chairman calls the Annual Parish Meeting and, if present, will chair it. 

The Annual Parish Meeting is held in March at 7:30pm prior to the March Council Meeting and the Agenda will be published here at least a week in advance.

Agenda: 16th March 2021  in Stanton Lees Chapel –

Minutes for 2020: Stanton in Peak APM Minutes 2020

Minutes of previous APMs

2019 –  Stanton in Peak APM Minutes 2019

2018 – SiP APM minutes March 18

2017 SiP APM minutes March 17

2016 SiP APM minutes March 16

2015 SiP APM minutes March 15

2014 SiP APM minutes March 14

2013 SiP APM minutes March 13

2012  SiP APM minutes March 12